HOMEWORK CLUB                                        8 FEBRUARY 2017 NEWS

Fantastic work being done by the Dens Rd. PS kids at our homework club today. Great effort at completing match reports to practice writing skills.


United for All has received £1,205 from the Al-Maktoum funding programme to pilot a new educational project in partnership with Active Schools and Dens Road Primary School.  The pilot project will be delivered over 8 weeks and will use the environs of the football club to engage primary school children in improving their skills in literacy, numeracy, communication and physical well-being.  The Homework Club will kick off in February 2017 and it is hoped that if the model proves as successful as other areas in the Country that the charity may be able to attract further funding to extend the project.

Jamie Kirk, Community Trust Manager for United for All, had this to say about the new project: “Sport really is such a strong tool for developing a whole host of things and the brand of the football club is so powerful in the local community, especially with children.  Similar models have been delivered elsewhere in Scotland and I actually first heard about this kind of work at Links Park Community Trust.  For 8 weeks the children will be immersed in the football club environment, taking part in disguised learning in areas such as numeracy, literacy and physical well-being.  Where the children see a press conference while pretending to be the First Team Manager, they will actually be developing their confidence and competence in communicating with others.  I’d like to extend warm thanks to our funders at Al-Maktoum Community College as well as our partners at Dens Road Primary School and Active Schools.”

Denise Gormley, School & Family Development Worker,added,"this pilot project is an excellent example of the strong community partnership approach to improving the lives of children in the local area.   Dens Road Primary School has a strong ethos of working and learning together both within a school and community based environment for our young people and their families and without a doubt this pilot project provides an innovative platform to engage, support and celebrate the achievements for these young people."

For further information about the project please contact Jamie directly at manager@unitedforall.co.uk or check back at our website for future updates at www.unitedforall.co.uk

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